Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best New Online Video Ever...Today!

If you're a musical theatre nerd, this video really doesn't need any introduction other than this:

Pee first. Seriously, pee first.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Commute

I hate winter. HATE. I frankly don't care that the snow is pretty. I don't give a rat's ass about the skiers. (Have you seen a ski mountain during the summer or fall? It looks like someone's head after the barber had a seizure mid-buzz.) Here's my commute today:

8:20 - arrive at bus stop to catch the 8:25 bus to work
8:25 - the 8:25 goes by...the wrong direction. Either the bus driver is on crack or the bus is just late late late. Turns out, it's just running really late (20 min by my calculations.) The driver recognizes me and signals me to run across the street and get on.
8:30 - the bus gets to a TRAX train station. Because TRAX is a more direct route, I get off and wait.
8:31 - A four car Sandy train goes by. (I'm going the other direction.)
8:33 - A four car Sandy train goes by.
8:34 - A four car Sandy train goes by. Seriously.
8:35 - the downtown train is scheduled to come. I can either take the downtown train and transfer or take the University line. Either way. But though the downtown train is scheduled to come, it doesn't.
8:40 - a University train comes by...15 minutes late, which is okay because I wasn't there when it was scheduled to come. Still, there's only one car...weird...and it's packed like sardines. Brandon doesn't fit.
8:45 - the Downtown train comes...10 minutes late. There's only one car on this one too. Doesn't make sense to take this train, so I decide to wait the 10 minutes till the next university train is scheduled to come.
8:50 - Another Sandy train comes by. Four cars. WTF???
8:55 - the next University train is scheduled to come. It doesn't.
9:00 - another downtown train comes by...packed...only two cars...dammit (mhrip)
9:05 - Yet ANOTHER Sandy train comes by. This is five so far. Or TWENTY practically empty cars.
9:10 - The University train comes. Finally. Two cars. Packed. Brandon forces himself into one of the stairwells on the last car.
9:14 - Train FINALLY leaves the station.
9:15 to 9:50 - the train slowly takes 35 minutes to do a 20 minute route. And it's packed the whole way. And I have to get off every stop because I'm in the stairwell and everybody needs to exit. I still can't feel my toes.
9:55 - I'm at work. 55 minutes late. Cold. Miserable. But I missed Staff Meeting. Totally worth it!