Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Most Important Issue of the 2016 Election

Dearest readers,

I'm not one to rant.1 Nor am I one who thrives on political controversy.2 But the recent negative tone of the Democratic Primary process in this country and the infighting between the good supporters of Mrs. Clinton and Colonel Sanders3 has caused me to come out of semi-blogtirement4 to make the following appeal to all the good folks on both sides of my side of the aisle:

Shut up! Broad City is back next Wednesday!!! That is literally5 all that matters.

1 that's a lie
2 also a lie
3 wait...Bernie's not the dude who came up with KFC? Lame.
4 not a thing
5 yes, I know what literally means. See statement above, beginning with "Shut up!"