Sunday, April 15, 2012


This editorial cartoon is nearly two years old.  The Ryan Budget 2.0 decimates medical and other programs for the poor and elderly, slashes grants and other forms of subsidies for students, AND cuts already historically low taxes for the wealthiest among us.  The Republicans refuse to even discuss corporate tax loopholes and multi-billion dollar government subsidies of the oil companies, which are currently charging absurdly high gas prices and reaping astronomical prices.  We're being screwed at the pump, screwed by the tax code...and your Republican congressman would rather waste time restricting access to contraception in this country rather than even entertaining a discussion making things more fair. 

How is it that the middle class isn't rioting in the streets?  Are we really that complacent/blind/stupid? Apparently so. Sigh...same shit (ahem) story, different day.

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